Health and Wellness Fair 2017

Health and Wellness Fair 2016

Health Services


Heath Fair

April 28th, 2018

10:00 am-1:00 pm

Gymnasium at Rancho Cucamonga Middle School 






Victoria Whisler, R.N.

District Nurse

909-948-3044, Ext. 6226


Vocational Nurse

Sara Reyes


Health Technicians



Laura Lam


Los Amigos

Martha Palillo



Bernard Essiful

Rancho Cucamonga Middle

Vicki Lucifora

Yolanda Roberts


Immunization requirements for school

For more information regarding vaccinations, please select the link below:

Shots for School

Health Services


In order to provide a healthy school environment for all children and staff, the following instructions have been prepared to assist you in decisions relating to your child’s health and school attendance.  If your child is not feeling well and you are uncertain about sending him/her on any given school day, it is best to keep your child at home and observe him/her for worsening symptoms.  If a child is too ill to attend school in the morning, it is recommended that he/she stay home all day.

Please call the school Attendance Office when your child is absent from school.

It is important for children with chronic illnesses to have care plans at school. Health Care Plans (HCP) provide information for school staff on how to take care of your child and handle emergencies which may occur as a result of the child’s illness.  It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school of their child’s medical condition. Notify the school by turning in the signed by physician, Medical Statement For Students With Allergies and/or Chronic Diseases.


You can make an appointment with your school nurse to discuss your child’s medical condition and obtain copies of health care plan forms. (909) 948-3044-ext 6226.

How can I keep track of my child's shots?

The California Immunization Record (sometimes called the “yellow card”) helps you keep track of what shots your child has received and when. Keep it safe, and keep it up-to-date. Bring it with you when you take your children in for shots. If you can’t find your child’s record card, ask your doctor’s office for a copy. Many California medical offices and clinics can now update your child’s yellow card automatically using an electronic immunization registry.

Kindergarten Health Requirements


At registration, the following documentation must be provided to our office staff:

  1. Immunizations records provided by a physician or public healthy agency with a physician's or nurse's signature.
  2. Health examination dated and signed by a physician.


To meet the requirements of the State of California, immunizations must be current in order to begin Kindergarten. The following are a list of immunizations that all students,  must have before registration can be completed.

  1. Polio-at least 3 immunizations with the latest being administered after the 4th birthday
  2. DPT-at least 4 immunizations with the latest being administered after the 4th birthday
  3. MMR-at least 2 immunizations administered on or after the 1st birthday
  4. HepatitisB-3 immunizations administered at medically approved intervals
  5. Varicella (chickenpox) immunization or health care provider documentation of chickenpox disease or immunity

Instructions to Keeping Student's at Home

California Education Code 48211 states: School districts may exclude children who exhibit evidence of contagious of infectious diseases or children showing of improper hygiene. 


Chicken Pox Student needs a doctors note to return to school or when all blisters are dry and crusted over. Notify the school if your child has chicken pox. Colds Student needs to remain home is he/she has an excessively "runny nose", excessively coughing, temperature at or above 100F, or is too uncomfortable to attend school.
Diarrhea If a student had diarrhea 2 times in one day, he/she needs to remain at home until diarrhea subsides and no other signs of illness exist. Rashes Students to remain at home with any undiagnosed skin rash. Students may return to school when the rash disappears or with a doctors note stating diagnosis and cleaning him/her to return to school.
Eye Infections Redness, drainage or watery eyes requires assessment to determine the cause (i.e. conjunctivitis(pink eye) or possible eye injury. Eyes need to be clear, treatment started or the student has been cleared by the physician before returning to school. Ear Infections Student does not need to stay home from school, but should be evaluated by his/ her physician if he/ she complains about ear pain.
Fever/ Vomiting If the fever is over 100F, the student should remain home. He/ she may return to school when fever free, without medication for at least 24 hours. The student needs to be free from vomiting for at least 24 hours before coming to school. A student may vomit 1 time and remain in school if there are no other symptoms or illness present. Injuries/Surgery Parents need to contact the school when a child has a serious injury/ surgery. Please provide a written physician note stating your child's level of activity. State limitations and special needs. Any appliance (crutches, sling, casts, braces, etc) requires a note from a physician.
Head lice Students need to stay home from school and be treated with shampoo or rinse as recommended by your doctor or pharmacy. Children may return to school when the hair is Nit-Free.