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Pupil Services Resources

Intradistrict Open Enrollment - AR 5116.1

Intradistrict Open Enrollment - BP 5116.1


Please click on the Child Welfare and Attendance Link for Interdistrict and Intradistrict Transfer information.


2022-2023 Parent Guide 

2022-2023 Guia de Padres

Morgan Hill Case FERPA Notice and Objection Form

Morgan Hill Case FERPA Notice and Objection Form. The following information is provided at the request of the California Department of Education. Please direct any questions to the California Department of Education (916) 319-0800.

General Information

Joyce Kozyra
Assistant Superintendent, Personnel and Pupil Services

Berenice Paramo

Judy Martinez

                                                                                  Erica Angle-Newman                                                                                                                  Child Welfare  & Attendance Coordinator                           

Tracee Stewart
Special Education Director

Ana Ramos
School Psychologist

Amanda Contreras-Porto
School Psychologist

Kris Reed
Clinical School Counselor

Victoria Whisler, R.N.
District Nurse

 Pupil Services oversees special education, discipline and hearings, inter/intra district transfers, child welfare and attendance and health services.

Support Services


Cucamonga School District belongs to the West End Special Education Local Plan Area (West End SELPA)

Bullying Report Form