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General Information

Office of the Superintendent

The Superintendent coordinates the total educational program and provides leadership in its development and improvement.

Michael Chaix, Ed. D.



Claudia Meza

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Superintendent's Message

I am honored to be serving our community in a new role for Cucamonga School District. I have been able to serve the community for the past years as Assistant Superintendent of Education.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our students and staff as we begin a new school year. Multiple measures have been put into place to ensure a safe environment for students including MERV 13 air filters in the rooms, hand sanitizing stations, and additional custodial support at the school sites for cleaning. I want you to know we will be working hard to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

In Cucamonga School District, our academic work is focused on providing learning experiences to children that allow them to develop the skills and understandings they will need for future learning and career challenges to thrive in the 21st Century and beyond. This includes social and emotional learning along with academic learning.

We have clearly defined both academic expectations for our students and expectations in the development of life skills as defined in our Portrait of the Graduate, see below. These skills include critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, empathy, initiative and self-direction, resilience, social and cross-cultural skills, and Information, communication, and technology literacy.

Our schools have been working on empathy through programs like PBIS, Second Step, and Give Em’ Five. Elementary schools continue to work on Creativity and Innovation through concepts such as growth mind set and allowing students to demonstrate knowledge in multiple ways such as projects and project-based learning. Our Middle School, Rancho Cucamonga Middle School, is working on developing student’s critical thinking and problem solving in a variety of areas to ensure success in college and career in the global economy.

As a life-long educator and learner, I am proud to serve the Cucamonga School District as we navigate an ever-changing future.

Michael Chaix, Ed. D.