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District Office





Superintendents Office


Richard Dahlin, Sandra Alvarez, and Keren Martinez


Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Deo Persaud and Barbara Nuevo


Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Mike Chaix and Natalie Nuevo



Assistant Superintendent, Personnel and Pupil Services


Bruce LaValle, Tami Bell, and Claudia Meza


Maintenance and Operations

Ken Jones
Anzhelika Litovchenko


Supervisor, Technology & Information Systems

Bobby Applegate



Lead Computer Support Technician
Computer Support Technician


Jennifer Serrano
Joseph Lee, Time Warden, Abrahim Abdelaziz



Mario Elizondo


Fiscal Services Accountant

Sandy Velasquez


Purchasing/Accounts Payable/Receivable/Aesop

Aimee Fitzgerald



Elsa Macin



Food Services


Imelda Espejel
Bridgette Carignan



Special Education


Ana Ramos Cook
Amanda Porto


Health Services

Victoria Whisler, R.N.