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District Office Staff




Superintendent's Office 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8221 

Michael Chaix, Ed. D. 

Claudia Meza, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent   
Keren Martinez, Receptionist 

Business Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8238 

Deo Persaud, Assistant Superintendent 
Jamie Belchar, Administrative Assistant  

Educational Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8232 

Gil Diaz, Assistant Superintendent 
Maria Jimenez, Secretary 
Darren Alcala, District Technology Coach (TOSA) 
Lisa Baltierra, District ELA Coach (TOSA) 
Crystal Cammon, District Math Coach (TOSA) 
Lindsay Munoz, Computer Science Integration Teacher

Personnel and Pupil Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8242 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8231 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8358 

Joyce Kozyra, Assistant Superintendent 
Erica Angle Newman, Director of Student Services  
Tamika Johnson, Administrative Assistant, Personnel 
Berenice Paramo, Secretary, Special Education 
Judy Martinez, Secretary, Pupil Services 

Maintenance and Operations 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8261 

Ken Jones, Director 
Theresa Cabrera, MOT Secretary 

Technology & Information Systems 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8244 

Bobby Applegate, Director 
Abrahim Abdelaziz, Lead Computer Tech. 
Jennifer Salas, Lead Computer Tech. 
Ann Marie Kuo, Computer Technician
Adrian Martinez, Computer Technician
Franklyn Victoria, Computer Technician
Tim Warden, Computer Technician

District Services Assistant 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8250 

Mario Elizondo 

Fiscal Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8255/8243  

Sandy Velasquez, Director of
Business and Fiscal Services

Elsa Macin, Accountant 

Purchasing & Accounting
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8251/8257

Aimee Fitzgerald/ 
Kimberly Cerano

Payroll Technician  
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8249 

Blanca Quintal  

Food Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8354 

Imelda Espejel, Director 
Evelin Abundez, Food Services Supervisor 
Bridgette Carignan, Office Assistant 

Special Education 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 8231 

Tracee Stewart, Director 
Ana Ramos-Cook, Coordinator
Erika Tututi, Behavior Specialist 
Amanda Porto, Psychologist 
Cory Pawlowski, Psychologist
Dr. Elvia Beauchamp, 
Berenice Paramo, Secretary 

Health Services 
(909) 987-8942 Ext. 6226 

Victoria Whisler, District R.N.